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Sansa e200R Series Built for Rhapsody and Best Buy

sansa e280R Sansa e200R Series Built for Rhapsody and Best Buy

With the announcement this morning of the upcoming Best Buy Digital Music Store (powered by RealNetwork’s Rhapsody 4.0) came firm details about the previously announced Sansa e200R series of digital audio players. Available through Best Buy retail stores across the country and Rhapsody’s online shop, the $140 e250R (2GB), $180 e260R (4GB), $220 e270R (6GB), and $250 e280R (8GB) ship with over 30 hours of preloaded music and its new under-the-hood technology platform dubbed Rhapsody DNA.

One of the coolest features of Rhapsody DNA, which is based on the company’s Helix DRM, is that users can subscribe to particular channels (according to artist or genre) and then receive automatic updates whenever new content in that channel is available.

The Best Buy Digital Music Store and the Sansa e200R series will officially link arms and storm the iTunes/iPod fortress together beginning October 15. And in lieu of battle paint, Best Buy is giving away free two-month subscriptions to its store (normally priced at $14.99/month) with the purchase of a Sansa player.

[Product Page via Gizmodo]