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The Best of ABi: In-Ear Phones

best of iems The Best of ABi: In Ear Phones

To continue the trend Andreas started with his Accessories post, here’s a quick reminder of some of the best in-ear phones we reviewed.

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EarSonics SM3 Review

sm3 main2 cr EarSonics SM3 Review

When one thinks about specialized European in-ear monitor manufacturers, not a lot of brands come to mind. Of course there are the bigwigs like Sennheiser and AKG, and their assortment of cheap-to-expensive earphones next to their regular headphones, but for custom-molded IEMs and professional monitoring specialists the market is rather barren in Europe. Let’s see… I can think of ACS in England, and of two companies in France (there’s probably more, at least one in the Czech Republic, and maybe a few others as well, but let’s keep it simple). One of those French companies is Insono, the other one is EarSonics. For this review we’re focusing on EarSonics and their new flagship universal IEM, the SM3. It is equipped with a triple armature, three-way crossover design.

While all the advertising, hype, and public awareness is usually reserved for big-shot company products, the specialists often go unnoticed. Well, they don’t have advertising budget like the big companies, and they have to ask more in return for research, development, and manufacturing than the companies that outsource their manufacturing to Asia.

Just because you might not have heard of EarSonics yet, doesn’t mean that should stay that way. For reference, there are lots of French musicians, audio engineers, and celebrities, from Charles Aznavour to Suprême NTM, who use EarSonics products on-stage, or while mixing/monitoring. I guess it’s time to help EarSonics to a bit more international awareness.

Read on to find out what’s really behind the “Designed in France, Made in France” label on the EarSonics SM3.

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