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NHC Ecolong LP-10 Reaches 85-hours of Playback

nhc ecolong lp10 NHC Ecolong LP 10 Reaches 85 hours of Playback

NHC has released a very basic DAP, which has a 1GB capacity, supports only MP3 and WMA files, and doesn’t provide too much by way of appearance either. What the Ecolong does produce is 85 hours of playback time from one standard AAA battery. The four line monochrome 128 x 64 pixel LCD won’t demand an excessive amount of charge, but if you’re still waiting to hear where NHC has fostered the prolonged playback from, the earphone output is limited to 1mW per channel.

The Ecolong comes in a standard white color for 4,980 ¥ ($43), or if you feel the urge to cover it up there is also a green camouflage model with matching headphones and carrying pouch for an extra $8.

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