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SanDisk Sansa Express Review

sansa express main SanDisk Sansa Express Review

The Sansa Express is SanDisk’s budget MP3 player selling in the sub sixty dollar price range. Although it is what you would expect from an inexpensive MP3 player, there are a few features that give it a little bit of an edge in the budget MP3 player market, one being its microSD slot for memory expansion of up to 2GB. Memory is cheap these days; last I checked a 2GB microSD card can be had for around twenty bucks.

The Express is not perfect, but it may be worth having as a second MP3 player, or it may be a nice for a first time buyer looking to get into portable digital audio without breaking the bank.

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SanDisk Sansa Express Disassembled

sansa disassembly main SanDisk Sansa Express Disassembled

It’s always interesting to take a look inside of gadgets so once again I cracked open one of SanDisk’s latest creations, the Sansa Express. While there is nothing inside that is user replaceable, it may come in handy one day if you break or jab a button. Some industrious readers have been using these guide to buy broken player off of eBay for pennies on the dollar to pull together parts- fixing them and reselling them.

The disassembly is simple with 4 screws and a snap to the entire process. The ribbon cable may be difficult to new comers. Deataching it requires you to flip up a little brown bar over the cable with a flat head screw driver. You will understand when you see it. Other than that, follow the chronologically ordered pics and you will be on your way to Sansa guts.

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SanDisk Sansa Connect, View, and Express

sansa connect view express thumb SanDisk Sansa Connect, View, and Express

I had the pleasure of checking out three new players being added to the Sansa lineup. We knew about the two players from a leak on SanDisk’s site, but they did manage to keep one of their stars under wraps.

The Sansa Connect will be a flash-based player with WiFi and will retail for around $250. Initially, the player will sport 4GB of memory with the ability to add 2GB via microSD. The Connect is fairly slim and about the size of a business card. The 2.2” screen is similar to the e200, but looked a bit clearer. The scroll wheel is improved over the e200 and is very smooth and fluid.

Check out the video after the jump.

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