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How To Video: Get Games on Your Zune

zune 80 alien How To Video: Get Games on Your Zune

If you recall, not too long ago the Zune 2.5 update added support for games development. The XNA team released their first game (via Got Zune) for those willing to dive into the XNA dev software. If you are willing to spend 5 min or so, it is relatively easy to get these games going on the Zune. There are a few guides out there, but take a look at this video that Cruleworld had made for and see how easy it is to get games onto your Zune. Really you don’t need any development experience, just a little old fashion pointing and clicking.

While many of these games are more hobbyist creations, they are rather entertaining and give of a taste of what it to come on the Zune in terms of gaming. Personally, im still holding out for my top Zune game picks. In the mean time head over to the abi Zune Forum to check out the video and get some help if you need it.

Top 5 Must Have Games for the Zune

zune peggle Top 5 Must Have Games for the Zune

I know, I know, Zune games was on my list of 8 things I don’t want to see on the Zune, however, I have slightly warmed up to the idea. A few weeks ago I played games on the Zune for the first time and while the controls can be a bit awkward there still is some potential for some decent games especially if you are talking about more simple and “low action” games.

There are two key aspects to Zune game play that these games can focus on: Zune to Zune wi-fi and its ability to tap into your music library. With the recent firmware release games can now available to anyone though the XNA developer’s kit. This would be the best time to rally behind your favorite games for the Zune. Here is a list of top 5 must have games for the Zune. What other must have games are on your list?

Update: The new 3.0 Firmware comes with games installed. Please check out the Zune 120 & 16 Hardware Review for a close look at the new Zunes. Also, please check out our Zune Forums.

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Microsoft Brings Games to the Zune

joystiq gdc Microsoft Brings Games to the Zune

Looks like one of my “8 things I don’t want on the Zune” can be crossed off. I can’t say that I’m excited about this since I have been quite adamant about keeping the Zune as a music centric device but I will have to see how it plays out when released. My previous opinion may be swayed.

Update: Cesar from Zune Insider stresses that the Zune’s primary focus will still be wireless music and video playback. That makes me feel a little better.

Microsoft has announced at the Game Developer’s Conference that developers will be able to target the Zune as a gaming platform. It could be cool in that home brew games will run rampant making an interesting community. The controls may be unfriendly to a gaming platform but it is interesting that there is a multi-player wireless aspect on the table.

More info to come when I get my hands on the official press release..

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