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Wood-framed Cowon N3 Coming to Korea

wooden n3 Wood framed Cowon N3 Coming to Korea

Electronics come in pretty much any material you can imagine, from standard plastic to stainless steel and NASA approved Kryptonite. The oldest material of them all is however the one that looks most awesome when used in every day gadgetry – wood. I myself have some experience in that area so the new special edition Cowon N3 due for release in Korea soon is most definitely a hit in my book.

The N3 itself is old(ish) news and being a Asia only device it’s not too well known in other parts of the world. It’s somewhere between a GPS and the Cowon Q5W, with a 7″ 800×480 touchscreen, dual SDHC slots for memory, navigation kit and a DMB tuner. The wood-covered version will have identical features and the difference is a slightly higher price and the awesome looking Burl Walnut frame. I don’t know about the rest of you, but one of these, a couple of 32GB SDHC cards and a nice pair of Darth Beyers and I’d be set for life.

[Akihabara News]

Veiro – Wind Up Eco-Friendly MP3 Player

veiro Veiro   Wind Up Eco Friendly MP3 Player

If you’re tired of running out of battery on your mp3 player, this might be the solution you’ve been after. The Veiro eco-friendly mp3 player is equipped with a wind up charger that will let you wind it up when you run dry.

One minute of winding will give you 15-20 minutes of play time, and a max charge with USB will give you about 4 hours. It can also be used to provide power to external devices, and even comes with a built in torch which will run for a few minutes on a minute of winding. It’s available in the UK for £40 ($80) for a 1GB version.

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