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Kenwood HD10GB7: World's Smallest Hard-Drive DAP

kenwood HD10GB7 Kenwood HD10GB7: World's Smallest Hard Drive DAP

At a time when news about yet another company giving its flash-based DAP a bump in storage capacity is considered ordinary, we can’t help but do a double-take when a new player boasting a microdrive waltzes onto the market.

Kenwood today announced the HD10GB7, a tiny (2.4″ x 1.7″ x 0.7″) 10GB player with a 24-hour battery life and 1.5-inch display. In addition to the typical handful of supported audio codes, the device also includes a photo viewer and custom EQ. Offered in either black or white, the newest member to the Media Keg family will sell for about $345 when it becomes available early next month in Japan.

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