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Kenwood Media Keg in 60GB

kenwood media keg hd60gd9 Kenwood Media Keg in 60GB

Kenwood are refreshing their line of Media Keg audio players with two new 60GB models. The HD60GD9 boosts the storage capacity of the HD30GB9, released one year ago, and extends its supported audio formats to include unprotected AAC on top of the initial MP3, WMA (DRM), and Kenwood Lossless.

Those who admired Kenwood’s focus on high sound quality will be pleased to hear that the HD60GD9 still makes use of a dual stage clear digital amp EX and Supreme EX decoder technology. A limited edition model, the HD60GD9EC, is built with a gold-plated internal frame to provide an enhanced sound quality.

The standard model will have a heavy price of 54,800 Yen ($475) and the special edition, 57,800 ($500), when released in Japan next month.

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