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Beyerdynamic T 50 p / T50p Tesla Review

t50p main Beyerdynamic T 50 p / T50p Tesla ReviewBeyerdynamic’s naming scheme for headphones generally uses the prefix ‘DT’, which since the 1930ies stood for the cute retro description ‘dynamic (measuring) telephone’. Recently they introduced a new range of phones, not targeted towards professional studio applications, but aimed at the luxury home-user market. Those phones are the T 1, T 5, and the T 50 p, which I’m going to review. The ‘T’ stands for Edison’s adversary, Nikola Tesla – or, more precisely, for the SI unit of magnetic field strength, named after him.

According to Beyerdynamic’s marketing department this means, “Under the name of Tesla technology, Beyerdynamic has bundled a range of features to improve the sound and increase the efficiency of the headphones. Put simply, the magnetic ‘drive’ of Tesla headphones provides double the performance of conventional models, which is an increase in efficiency [...] This is because the efficient Tesla converters do not just provide exquisitely precise and detail-rich sound: their degree of efficiency also compensates for the low performance of mobile players. With the T 50 p, devices that often sound too quiet are given a boost in performance that can only be compared with the spontaneous acceleration and overwhelming torque of an electric car.

Interestingly, on the one side we have headphone manufacturer Ultrasone, who brags about their ‘ULE (Ultra Low Emission) Technology’ which claims to reduce magnetic death rays emanating from their headphones – on the other hand we have Beyerdynamic, claiming to have the beefiest magnets ever in their new series of phones (and that their magnetic radiation isn’t harmful in any way). Who is right? Who is wrong? Does it even matter for real life applications, or is it all just a marketing gimmick? You decide.

Anyways – I was never one that gave much for such bold advertising claims. Let’s see how they perform in reality.

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