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Reader Rigs: DFKT’s Cowon S9 + Headsix + UE11

dfkt rig 01 Reader Rigs: DFKT’s Cowon S9 + Headsix + UE11

We all love to show off our portable gear, whether its low key or something flashy and expensive- its a lot of fun to see how we all make our portable audio experience personal. In the forums we have a subforum dedicated to showing off your gear. The thread that started it all continues to grow into something massive:Show off your portable audio stuff! (56k warning)

Every so often we thought it would be cool to show off some of the site reader or forum member’s portable audio setups. To start it all off we thought it would be appropriate to feature the creator of the portable rig thread, DFKT aka Martin Sägmüller, our headphone editor and forum admin. As an enthusiast, he has quite a few rigs shown off, but this one is one of the more recent and stunning. Below are some photos and breakdown of this luscious setup.

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