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Sony X-1000 I-Nique Case Reviews

i nique cases main Sony X 1000 I Nique Case Reviews

The Sony X Series is recently the most expensive MP3 player reaching $400 for the 32GB version. After dropping that much money for a player you may be interested in a bit of protection. I-nique makes a few different versions of leather cases and a nice silicon case kit with a screen protector and lanyard. All of these are reasonably prices between $19 and $28.

The important thing to pay attention to in these various cases is the accessibility of the hold switch. I love that Sony made this very accessible large hold switch on the back of the player since I found it to be a much used feature while using this player on the go.

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Samsung P3 I-Nique Case Review

p3 inique case main Samsung P3 I Nique Case Review

Here is a look at two differ cases from I-Nique: the Tuff-Luv leather case and a standard silicon case. The first leather case is made of genuine leather that is nice and soft to the touch. All of the necessary ports and buttons are exposed and are easily accessible so you don’t ever have to remove the case in order to charge it or operate any of buttons. The top buttons are covered when the flap is down, but I found it pretty easy to individually press each of the top three buttons while the flap was closed.

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I-nique Tuff Luv Archos 5 Leather Case Review

i nique case main I nique Tuff Luv Archos 5 Leather Case Review

Typically don’t use too many cases on my devices, mainly because they bulk up the device and I enjoy the used look. Though most like to keep their gadgets in top notch condition and I will give in when the devices get bigger and more expensive.

The Archos 5 is definite a good candidate for this. I-nique makes a plethora of specialized cases for many of MP3 players on the market. You can check out a list on their site. They are UK based but do sell in the US directly thought the site or though Amazon if you are more comfortable with that.

Below are a few pics and impression of this case.

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