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This time for real: The Cowon i10 is out

i10 main This time for real: The Cowon i10 is out

While last week’s iAudio 10 teaser left a lot – or rather, everything – to the imagination, we now get a closer look at the real product.

Design-wise, the i10 borrows the curved back plate of the S9 and some cues from the C2‘s appearance as well. Specs-wise, there are no real surprises to be found in the i9′s successor. As expected, it still uses a touch control interface nobody seems to like, it still has no SD slot unlike most other new Cowon players. On the positive side, this time Cowon was daring enough to release a 32GB model, so the internal storage capacity should be fine for most people’s needs. Contrary to the i9′s 240×320 4:3 screen, the i10 sports a 3″ 240×400 widescreen display (TFT, not AMOLED). While still being a rather slim looking player, the battery life on the i10 seems much improved over the i9 – a theoretical 38 hours for audio and 6.5 hours for video.

The ‘Color Therapy’ user interface is, as expected, just a superficial gimmick. However, it seems – contrary to the C2′s tedious ‘Daily Life’ UI – that the ‘Color Therapy’ stuff might not get in the way of usability and actually lets one tweak the main interface colors to one’s liking.

i10 color ui This time for real: The Cowon i10 is out

All the usual features one expects from a Cowon are there as well – BBE sound enhancements, dozens of supported audio codecs, AVI/WMV (and possibly MP4) video support, FM radio, voice recorder, built-in speaker, analog TV-out, line/mic-in, image viewer, text file viewer, and so on. The Korean version also comes with a T-DMB tuner, which won’t be of much use in other countries.

Cowon iAudio 10 product page (in Korean).

Cowon iAudio 10 cryptically announced/teased

cowoni10 Cowon iAudio 10 cryptically announced/teased

Your guess is as good as mine as to what Cowon is trying to convey with the iAudio 10 teaser website. It plays Korean pop music in various degrees of cheesiness, smacks some random English words in your face, shows off some hip and beautiful people, and lets you adjust the site background and spot colors.

To me it seems Cowon is following up here on their C2‘s “Daily Life” user interface – which basically is a nag-screen/screensaver that gets in the way of the real user interface. Well, let’s wait and see how the new i10′s “Therapy Music” interface turns out to change the life of narrow-minded Europeans like me.

The i6 was a tiny, chubby 0.85″ HDD player, the i7 was the same with flash memory, the i8 existed only in my imagination, and the i9 is the slimmest Cowon player to date. What those players have in common is a diagonal touch-strip control system, paired with some tactile buttons. Place your bets on what the i10 is going to look like, and if you truly need “Therapy Music” or not after it has been unveiled for good.

Thanks to Lebellium for the tip.