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MEElectronics M-Duo IEM Review

IMG 7758 MEElectronics M Duo IEM Review

Over the last several years I have tested and used a few of MEElectronics IEMs and they have stood up to the test of time. So when they reached out to ask my opinion of their new dual driver IEM I accepted the challenge. While not all their IEMs are as perfect as a picky person like myself would like, they certainly deliver a great sound in relation to your investment. Of all the ones reviewed I still use the A151s, the A161Ps and have now added the M-Duo’s to my list.

I received the M-Duo’s mid summer just before I headed off on vacation so I now have almost 2 months testing them, which makes me feel more than prepared to discuss them. Dynamic drivers typically provide a fuller bodied sound signature with less detail, precision and speed than balanced armatures deliver. Nevertheless throw in a dedicated tweeter and woofer and they can deliver a very fun sound signature.

With that thought in mind, read on if you would like to take a closer look at the M-Duo.

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