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JVC’s Got New Wooden IEMs

jvc ha fx700 JVC’s Got New Wooden IEMs

If you ever wanted an expensive set of IEMs with all the appeal of 1970s wood paneling, has JVC got the answer for you. JVC’s new HA-FX700 is an updated version of their similarly wooden clad HA-FX500 from 2 years ago.

The HA-FX700, which weigh in at 9.6g, feature a 10mm cone driver with a 6Hz-26,000Hz frequency response range at 16Ω. They’re also filled with several tiny parts which I assume are important. They also come with small, medium, and large tips.

jvc ha fx700 2 JVC’s Got New Wooden IEMs

So how much will these beauties run you? About $330 USD. But put your credit card back, because they won’t be available ’till February. And if you’re wondering what kind of wood that is, it’s birch folks. Birch. That’s some high quality wood right there. If you ever want wood, that’s the wood to get.

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JVC Victor Alneo XA-S208/S108 Lends a Hand to Sound Recording

jvc victor alneo xa s208 JVC Victor Alneo XA S208/S108 Lends a Hand to Sound Recording

JVC Victor will introduce two new Alneo DAPs to Japan in October. Many conventional features provided by flash players in its class are also present in the XA-S108 and XA-S208. There’s nothing exceptional about the 1GB and 2GB capacities, 4-line monochrome OLED, option of 5 colors, support for MP3, WMA (DRM), and 20 hour battery life.

To break the mould of the competition JVC is relying on its extended recording functions which have been implemented in previous Alneo devices. As well as line-in recording, the sound recording level of the mic is monitored and an indicator is displayed, while periods in which distortion is too high or sound level is too low are excluded from the recording. The alneo S series might offer an ideal balance between basic recorder and basic MP3 player.

[Press Release via Impress]

Alneo, New Flash DAPs by JVC Victor

alneo c109 Alneo, New Flash DAPs by JVC Victor

In February JVC Victor will release some new flash players, the Alneo XA-HD500 with a capacity of up to 6GB and the Alneo XA-C109 with only up to 1GB. Not great but both will feature seemingly semiprofessional recording capabilities via line-in and microphone. Otherwise the specs are nothing unusual: MP3, WMA (DRM), WAV playback, FM radio. The HD500 will be available in silver and black, the C109 in silver, black, red and blue.

You can check out some images on the JVC Victor site: Alneo XA-HD500 and Alneo XA-C109 (in Japanese).

I wonder if the “Left/Right/Stereo” indicators on the XA-C109 mean you can record from line-in in a more professional manner, for example with manual gain control. Or maybe it just means the player is equipped with a stereo microphone. We will know for sure when the specs are available in English.

[Via Akihabara News]

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