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Creative Introduces Zen Krystal

zen krystal Creative Introduces Zen Krystal

One of our forum members found something interesting over at Creative’s Hong Kong site; a new player called the Zen krystal. It look smore or less like a Stone Plus on its side, featuring what seems to be the same kind of display that the Stone Plus uses. The player looks pretty ordinary, but it does have some tricks up it’s sleeve.

The 4GB player (no other capacities available) is a sports player that brings the sports features of the Stone Plus (read: stopwatch) some steps further and integrates a pedometer that tracks your running speed, distance and calories burnt. It’s also listed to include several games, which is rather peculiar seeing it has a 0.7″ 64×64 monochrome screen. Other than that it has the same basic features as the Stone Plus (hopefully with a better file browser); 10 hours of battery life, stopwatch, radio, clock and voice recorder. Accessory wise it comes with a pouch and wristband on top of the standard earbuds and USB cable, so it should be ready to use for anyone looking for a workout player. Pricing and release date will be known once Creative does an official press release of the thing, which should be soon.

[Creative HK via ABi>> Forums]