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KitSound KSDJ DJ Headphones Review

ksdj main1 KitSound KSDJ DJ Headphones ReviewKitsound, a division of British mobile accessories distributor Kondor, mainly seem to rebrand inexpensive Chinese OEM/ODM audio products for portable and home use. They offer portable speakers, iPod speaker docks, USB chargers, and of course headphones.

Their KSDJ headphones – generally aimed at DJs, as the name aptly suggests – are a 100% clone/copy of the Sony MDR-V500DJ housing. I won’t hold that against them, many other phones use prefab housings as well. Foster Japan’s venerable Sennheiser CX300/Creative EP-630/AKG K324P/etc housing comes to mind… Be that as it may, the looks of phones are secondary to the drivers – and the KSDJ certainly use a different driver than the V500, 50mm vs. 40mm diameter.

Noticing quite a lot of favorable amateur/customer reviews, I got curious as to how the KSDJ really perform – especially since they go for a very low price, currently around £23 (ca. €26, $36) on Amazon UK.

Read on to find out what’s the deal with the KSDJ – not only in their price range, but in the grand scheme of things as well.

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