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Apple Forks over $100,000,000 to Creative

creative ipod Apple Forks over $100,000,000 to Creative

The notorious patent dispute has been settled quietly behind closed doors. I am happy that Creative got some extra dough in the bank to spend on R&D and marketing, because I really do think that Creative makes some outstanding MP3 players. However, I am not happy that the American patent system is extremely flawed and has again been exploited. You can read about my opinion on the case in this post titled “Apple Copied Creative, Who Cares?” from a few months ago when the case first broke.

On a different and slightly twisted note, according to this deal, Creative will begin to sell iPod accessories later this year. Yeah, that might be a big double-yoo tee eff, but for Creative, why not? Why not tap this extremely lucrative majority market share? They have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this deal.

…and bravo to you Mr. Jobs and Mr. Sim for settling out of court. Keep up the nice clean fight.

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