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Zune Built by Toshiba

toshiba 1089 zune Zune Built by Toshiba

A few days ago, what we all thought was the Microsoft Zune appeared on the FCC website as the Toshiba 1089 portable media player. Huh?! The rumor mill, of course, went haywire.

On Saturday, a Microsoft spokeswoman put an end to all of the speculation and half truths: “I can confirm that Toshiba is manufacturing the device and that the FCC report is legitimate,” she told global news agency AFP, “but no further details.”

Even though the Microsoft rep wouldn’t divulge anything else, there were more details to be gleaned from the unexpected filing. The juiciest tidbit was a description of the new player’s “DJ” feature, which will allow users to wirelessly stream music to as many as four other players. According to the product manual included with the FCC paperwork, “Once your DJ setting is on, you don’t need to do anything else in order for others to listen to your stream. If someone tunes in, you will see an onscreen notification that you have a listener.”

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