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LEGO MP3 Player Gives New Meaning to "Bricked"

lego player LEGO MP3 Player Gives New Meaning to "Bricked"

Although not officially licensed, there’s little doubt where this little player got it’s design from. Most people have played with LEGOs at one point or another in their life, and with this player you can take it one step further and rock the streets with a player which brings new meaning to the word “bricked“.

Available in a variety of colors, the player seem to have no internal memory and rely on microSD (not microSDHC) cards to provide storage. Controls are hidden as raised dots on the front of the player, and there is no screen or other visible controls, so chances are that means no hold or shuffle mode etc. That and the fact the internal rechargeable battery will only give you about 6 hours on a charge makes this more of a novelty than a useful player, and with a price of $46 it’s not something you would buy for it’s music playback capabilities alone in any case.

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