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Venzero LINQ mini Wi-Fi DAP

venzero linq mini Venzero LINQ mini Wi Fi DAP

If the Wi-Fi capabilities of Venzero’s LINQ are appealing, but the video playback and 2.4-inch screen are just not of interest, then the LINQ mini may be the answer.

Containing the same ability to connect to over 9,000 internet radio stations around the world and stream music from your home computer through Windows Media Player 11, though the mini’s display is merely a 128 x 64 pixel monochrome LCD. It will also miss out on the OGG and AAC support provided by its larger sibling and storage space is limited to 1GB. Besides the ordinary MP3, WMA, and FM Radio it would not be a Venzero player without including the MusicMarker function. The battery will run for 20 hours when playing standard audio and five hours when receiving via Wi-Fi.

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