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Woot Deal: M Audio AV 40

Woot® One Day One Deal™ Google Chrome 5122011 21907 PM.bmp 560x281 Woot Deal: M Audio AV 40

The ever popular website Woot is having their deal of the day today for a pair of refurbished M Audio Studiophole AV 40 Professional Reference Speakers. The pair will run you $95 (with shipping) and come with a 1 year warranty. They are currently running $135 on Amazon right now. As many of our forum members are looking for desktop speakers, these could definitely do it for ya. These generally perform extremely well, albeit lacking in the bass department unless you add a sub-woofer to the mix. Overall though, they are an excellent choice for anyone currently (the deal ends today folks) searching or adding to their speaker setup. The only real downside to the offer…. no international shipping for the cool kids hanging out across the surrounding ponds. So Americans enjoy! Hit the jump for the full specs. Continue reading…