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Beautiful Meizu M6 Custom Skin

m6 custom skin Beautiful Meizu M6 Custom Skin

Rarely does anyone get too excited over stick-on decals, but I found this one to be especially interesting and flawlessly executed. Almoxil, one of our forum members, took customizing his Meizu miniPlayer M6 to another level. The M6 is wrapped in a custom vinyl skin that is blended beautifully with a custom background. The vinyl skin has a removable adhesive and a special “rapid air” feature that lends itself to bubble-free installation.

Almoxil claims that the printing is top notch and creates no problems with the M6’s touch interface. He is planning on making another custom skin for his Meizu M3 and will post the pics soon. Stop in the forum for more pics and details on how you can get your own for around $12.

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All Metal Meizu M3 Music Card

meizu m3 metal All Metal Meizu M3 Music Card

The M6 won’t be the only current model from Meizu to receive a makeover. An improved M3 Music Card appears to be on the way as well. There is no news yet of the features that the M3se will provide, or any alterations in price that may occur, although both are already appealing.

The slim digital audio player won’t be receiving the same diet as the M6 either, but a change you may not have expected is losing the choice between black and white housings. The new edition will cast off its old plastic casing and replace it with a shell made entirely of metal.

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