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FineDrive M300 Mulitasking Machine

finedrive m300 FineDrive M300 Mulitasking Machine

Korean company FineWorks announced recently that its svelte and multitalented FineDrive M300 device will be released by the end of this year. At just 1.8 centimeters thick, the 4.6-ounce gadget gives new meaning to that “Thin is in” saying. It features a 3.5″ touch screen, DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting) tuner, GPS antenna, and 3GB of internal memory to store pictures, music, and videos. It seems one of the only things the M300 can’t do is swim across the ocean to U.S. shores. Well okay, it doesn’t do a lot of other things too, but you get the point. Anyway, when it rolls out in Korea, it’ll be waving a $210 flag (200,000 won).