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Meizu miniPlayer M6 SL Approaching

meizu miniplayer m6sl Meizu miniPlayer M6 SL Approaching

After months of anticipating the release of an updated miniPlayer, Meizu’s official announcement of the M6 SL has finally arrived. The first and most readily noticeable transformation from the original M6 is the 7.3mm thickness, partly as a result of a smaller battery yielding 26 hours of audio and 4.5 hours of video.

An improved viewing angle is offered by the SL (previously rumoured to be 80° from all directions), but Meizu has considered more than just the eyes for the miniPlayer M6’s reformation as a new audio chip will be used and APE joins the list of supported audio codecs.

China will be receiving the new model before the end of the month in 2GB of memory for an equivalent of $90, 4GB for $110, and 8GB for $150.