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Meizu M6se to arrive in August

meizu m6se Meizu M6se to arrive in August

Another company has announced they will be releasing a slimmer edition of one of their DAPs. We thought the Meizu M6 miniPlayer was already thin, but it’s due to shed a third of its body by August, giving it the same 0.7mm thickness as the Music Card, only 0.5mm more than the iPod nano.

The consequence of the downsize is that the 700mA battery will be replaced by a 500mA battery, which will no doubt hinder the fine video playback time. However, the M6se will retain the set of features of the current M6 in addition to receiving a boost to 8GB in the flash memory department. If this isn’t sounding good enough yet, given that the cost remains relative to the Asian market, the price tag will be around $130.

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