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Zune Marketplace Vs Bittorrent

zune bittorrent Zune Marketplace Vs Bittorrent

Zune made an awesome addition to the Marketplace subscription today. In addition to the all you can download subscription, you are now able to download and keep 10 tracks per month even if you cancel your subscription. The way I see it is kind of like buying a album every month and getting a free subscription.

As Ina Fried at CNet points out, this is a move by the Microsoft and the labels to drum up subscription rates since they are lower than what they hoped. But subscription is not the only thing hurting in terms of music sales, physical sales are declining faster than digital downloads can keep up.

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Microsoft Announces the Zune Again – Now With More Details!

zune colors Microsoft Announces the Zune Again   Now With More Details!

Finally! Months after the rumor mill and FCC-website fanatics first spotted the Zune, Microsoft today lifted most of the not-so-secret lid on its upcoming 30GB player. WiFi-enabled and sporting a 3-inch QVGA display that can switch between landscape and portrait modes, the Zune also has an FM tuner with RBDS (station and song information will show up on the screen) and will be available during the holiday season in black, white, and (heinous) brown. Still not a peep about pricing, though you can be sure that it’ll be tagged to compete with its adversary, who just got marked down to $249.

More stuff including video of the interface below…

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