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New Flash Players from MPIO

mpio mg2001 New Flash Players from MPIO

Though a great deal of interest is being directed towards several of the leading electronics companies at the IFA electronics show this week, it is MPIO who has presented an assortment of new players.

Succeeding the MG100 is the appropriately named MG200 and it will have much the same specs, the exceptions being an extension in audio playback to 25 hours and the added video playback of MP4 and AVI files.

The MG300 also bears the dual circle controls and format support of the MG200, but carries the form of a PMP. Its screen measures 2.4-inches, has an FM tuner, recording capabilities, and possess 4GB of internal memory, which may not be anything to write home about, but SDHC expansion is also included. Very similar features and identical formats of the MG300 are offered in both the 2GB OG21 with 1.8-inch screen, and 8GB OG23 with 2.4-inch screen and SDHC expansion.

Lastly, in very similar style to the MG100 is the MD100; however it uses a monochrome screen is and will only tackle your audio needs. As well as supporting MP3, WMA (DRM), and OGG, the MD can receive DAB and record FM radio.


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