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Samsung goes Emo, Launches Emodio Site & Software (Plus Bluewave 4)

samsung emo Samsung goes Emo, Launches Emodio Site & Software (Plus Bluewave 4)

On May 30 th Samsung will launch a new portal and software called Emodio. This software seems to be just another media player but centered around Samsungs products offering features specific to their MP3 players. Users will be able to share UCI’s (User Creative Interfaces) with what I’m assuming to be a new UIC generation tool. There is also additional support for Datacasts or basically RSS feeds and the interesting edition of “Text To Speech” features that will allow you to convert txt files to MP3.

The site is rather confusing on its true goals and features since it was obviously written by someone whose first language is not English. Buy the whole aim of the site seems to be targeted at “The Digital Privilege for the Emotional Generation” (I kid you not that’s what the site says), yes as in Emo. This is a definite cultural ignorance on Samsung’s part seeing how bright fun and happy the site has been made, then trying to associate it with the Emo subculture. Regardless, the software looks like it could bring some cool functions to the P2.

It is available but extremely slow on Samsung’s site, so we uploaded it as a Torrent you can download here.

Update: Bluewave 4 Beta is also out.