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Three Stones MiniBox-E+ Review

mbe00main Three Stones MiniBox E+ Review

Our only amp review so far was about the $7 FiiO E3, so it might be time to step things up a bit. Enter the Three Stones MiniBox-E+.

Peculiar brand name… After a bit of sleuthing I’m still not quite sure who is behind the brand “Three Stones”. It seems to be a Chinese one-man project that’s being distributed internationally by US-based Hi-Fi vendor Head-Direct. Three Stones have been in the business for quite some time with several portable amp models, and the MiniBox-E+ I’m writing about in this review is their current top-of-the-line model.

Read on after the jump – especially if you feel the need to drive your 300 Ohm phones properly on the go.

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