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Meizu miniOne Without Phone for U.S.

meizu m8 PMP Meizu miniOne Without Phone for U.S.

Meizu’s upcoming miniOne/M8 may bear an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone, but its feature set just got a lot less phone-y. Turns out that when the device hits North America and Europe (after the “end of 2007″ China release, of course), it will have shed all of its phone capabilities.

That’s right. What we’re looking at, then, is really just a pair of 4GB and 8GB PMPs that will play 30fps videos that fill up the entire 720 x 480 screen and have a 2-megapixel camera option (previous reports pegged the digicam at 3 megapixels). Since earlier reported prices haven’t changed, we’re guessing that the Meizu miniOne sans phone has yet to be priced.


Meizu M8 / miniOne Pricing

meizu minione Meizu M8 / miniOne Pricing

We’re not sure when a CEO heading to a forum to make an official announcement became standard practice, but apparently Meizu CEO J. Wong does it all the time. On what was presumably his most recent visit, Mr. Wong posted pricing information on the suprisingly very real and upcoming M8 (also known as the miniOne).

The 4GB and 8GB iPhone-looking players/phones will be available with and without the 3-megapixel camera for the following prices: $195 (4GB without camera), $310 (4GB with camera), $285 (8GB without camera), and $400 (8GB with camera). We’re still a bit hesitant to completely get rid of the “rumor” label this thing has been wearing since the summer, but the info is coming from the CEO. And we hobnob with B. Gates and S. Jobs in forums often enough to be able to spot the unequivocal truth when we see it.

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