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Touch Controlled Meizu miniPlayer M7

meizu m7 Touch Controlled Meizu miniPlayer M7

The latest designs from Meizu illustrate their intention to create a touch-screen media player, the miniPlayer M7, to directly contend with the likes of the iPod Touch and Samsung’s P2. The specs at present consist of 3.5 x 1.9 x 0.3-inch dimensions, a 2.8-inch 16 million color LCD with a 15:9 aspect ratio (480 x 288 pixel resolution), playback of H.264 at 720 x 480 pixels and 30fps as well as DivX, Xvid, and TV out.

The maximum capacity is 8GB, but expected prices do look appealing: 2GB for $90, 4GB for $110, and 8GB for $150. Keeping in mind that Meizu’s predicted release dates are usually a touch optimistic, the M7 should turn up around March of next year, subsequent to the M8 miniOne.

[Meizu via Meizu Me]

Meizu miniPlayer M6 SL Approaching

meizu miniplayer m6sl Meizu miniPlayer M6 SL Approaching

After months of anticipating the release of an updated miniPlayer, Meizu’s official announcement of the M6 SL has finally arrived. The first and most readily noticeable transformation from the original M6 is the 7.3mm thickness, partly as a result of a smaller battery yielding 26 hours of audio and 4.5 hours of video.

An improved viewing angle is offered by the SL (previously rumoured to be 80° from all directions), but Meizu has considered more than just the eyes for the miniPlayer M6’s reformation as a new audio chip will be used and APE joins the list of supported audio codecs.

China will be receiving the new model before the end of the month in 2GB of memory for an equivalent of $90, 4GB for $110, and 8GB for $150.

Meizu M6se to arrive in August

meizu m6se Meizu M6se to arrive in August

Another company has announced they will be releasing a slimmer edition of one of their DAPs. We thought the Meizu M6 miniPlayer was already thin, but it’s due to shed a third of its body by August, giving it the same 0.7mm thickness as the Music Card, only 0.5mm more than the iPod nano.

The consequence of the downsize is that the 700mA battery will be replaced by a 500mA battery, which will no doubt hinder the fine video playback time. However, the M6se will retain the set of features of the current M6 in addition to receiving a boost to 8GB in the flash memory department. If this isn’t sounding good enough yet, given that the cost remains relative to the Asian market, the price tag will be around $130.

[Meizu Me via Engadget]

Meizu M6 Bumped Up to 8GB

8gb meizu m6 Meizu M6 Bumped Up to 8GB

As early as this Thursday, March 1st, the Meizu M6 miniPlayer could be available with twice as much as its current 4GB max of internal flash memory. Just about every major flash-DAP manufacturer is already offering 8GB versions of their players, so it’s about time for Meizu to step it up.

According to Chinese website, pricing could be as low as $140. We’ve also heard figures as high as $200, though, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

[MeizuMe via dapreview]

Design the Next Meizu MP3 Player

meizu contest Design the Next Meizu MP3 Player

Forget user generated website content; Meizu is tapping in to the collective conscious of the interwebs for their next MP3 player. The guys who brought us the M6 miniplayer are holding a contest to design an MP3 player and there are prizes involved. While it would be nice to snag some royalties off of each next gen Meizu player you designed, you will have to settle for one of three M6 miniplayers.

It is nice to see a company reach out to the online community for some ideas. Cheap R&D and some PR to boot, how can you loose? Other companies may want to follow suit.

[Meizu - thanks Jack4L]

Dressing Up Meizu M6 with Mofi Faceplates

meizu faceplate Dressing Up Meizu M6 with Mofi Faceplates

If a “Made for Meizu” line were ever in the works, Chinese company Mofi would probably be first to sign up. In fact, it’s already ahead of the game with its CP-12 faceplate and touchpad covering options designed for the M6 miniPlayer. From what we can decipher from Google’s translation, the multi-layered faceplates are made of durable, scratch-resistant, glossy resin and have been designed to add little to no extra bulk to the player. They’re available in black, white, and blue and can be mixed and matched with interchangeable touchpad shields that come in red, blue, green, and white with various accents.

Mofi’s “official” website ( automatically redirects to the forums, which makes purchasing the faceplates from the company a bit confusing. But don’t fret. Taobao, China-based eBay EachNet’s biggest competitor, usually has the CP-12 accessories up for sale.


Meizu M6 miniPlayer SP

meizu m6 sp Meizu M6 miniPlayer SP

It’s only been a few months since we reviewed the Meizu M6 miniPlayer, and the company is already “pulling a Nintendo” by releasing an SP version. The M6 SP will have a new chipset by Samsung that boasts “advanced DSP functionality” (whatever that is) and a different screen. In short, nothing has really changed. Well, nothing except the price.

“SP” must stand for “specially priced” or something because the player is selling for $20-$40 less than the old model. The M6 SP will be available (in China, of course) in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities for about $88, $114, and $164, respectively. Whether the price cuts stick to the player when it reaches the States remains to be seen.

[Meizu via dapreview]

Meizu M8 in the Works?

 Meizu M8 in the Works?

While many in the U.S. are still trying to get their hands on the Meizu M6 miniPlayer, information about a rumored M8 successor has already been spotted and subsequently published (as headline news) on the front page of

According to a member of the tech site’s Meizu forums, early info from JW (whatever/whoever that is) seems to indicate that the M8 will feature a 2.6-inch VGA screen and run some version of Window CE on a 533 MHz ARM11 processor possibly manufactured by Samsung. It also seems that the new device will be equipped with a non-removable battery and be without an expansion card slot.

The speculative article concludes with an uncertain iconic equation: Samsung + Microsoft = Meizu? Whether any of this pans out into anything substantial remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on it.


Meizu M6 miniPlayer Review

meizu miniplayer main Meizu M6 miniPlayer Review

The Meizu M6 miniPlayer is a newcomer to the US MP3 player market. This thin flash player comes in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB sizes to match the other players in its class: the Nano, Z5, e200, clix, and other slim high capacity flash players. This player has most of the bases covers in terms of audio codecs, including MP3, WMA, OGG, and WMA. On the video side, the miniPlayer uses XviD convertible with off the shelf software. This player has a solid set of fairly standard features with surprisingly great sound that has a killer low end. The player however, is not without faults. For the entire low down, read on…

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