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MobiBLU Unveils A3 and A5

mobiblu A5 MobiBLU Unveils A3 and A5

Two new nearly identical mobiBLU players were announced at CeBIT in Germany this week. As you can see, the A3 and A5 sport a rather eye-catching (albeit familiar) blue LED surrounding their controls. Sadly, though, that’s about it. Seriously, aside from the bright lights, the players offer nothing we haven’t seen a hundred times before.

Equipped with a 1.5″ (A3) or 1.8″ (A5) 65K-color LCD, the flash DAPs have microSD card slots (no info on internal storage), FM radio and recorder, built-in microphone, photo viewer, and support for MP3, WMA, and MTV files. You’ve read this a hundred times before, too, but it fits nicely with an unoriginal player so here goes: pricing and availability are currently unknown.