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Creative Goes Officially Crazy With Zen Moo

zen moo Creative Goes Officially Crazy With Zen Moo

I’ve seen a lot of weird MP3 players. There was this thing and the upgrade to iriver’s already weird mplayer – the mplayer eyes. Now it’s Creative’s turn to make me facepalm myself with the introduction of their cow shaped mp3 player, the Zen Moo.

Apparently the Moo is China only which honestly is just as well. There are two versions, Moo and Moo Plus, where the Plus has a screen (same concept as with the Stone). Apparently the Plus will also have a Tamagotchi like game where you can train the cow. Both players will have a speaker and come in 2GB capacity and the Moo Plus will also have an FM radio and voice recorder. Basically the Moo is the exact same player as the Stone and Stone plus except for deign and the game.

To make it even more…interesting….they also announced a pair of portable Cow speakers to match the Moo. Hit the jump for more pictures – i dare you!

[iMP3|Nothing But Creative]

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