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Ministry of Sound MOSMP100X10 PMP

mosmp100x10 Ministry of Sound MOSMP100X10 PMP

With a name that looks like it was stolen from a barcode, the MOSMP100X10 by Ministry of Sound marks the UK company’s first foray into the low-end PMP market. On the surface, the 3.5-inch TFT (320 x 240) display, line-in recording feature, and codec support (MPEG4, MP3, WMA DRM, ASF) add up to make our “low-end” label look like questionable and uninformed judgment. But while there’s definitely nothing low about the device’s £149.99 ($292) price tag, the MOSMP100X10 is anything but a premium player.

First off, it gets all of its storage capacity from SD cards. Not the end of the world, as storage is technically limitless and a 1GB card is included, but come on. Second, battery life is terrible. Okay, four hours for video is actually pretty good, but six hours for audio is definitely horrendous. And finally, Ministry of Sound has a history of producing rather useless gear.

It’s never too late for a company to redeem itself, of course, but it would probably help if its press room were updated beyond 2005 and its online shop actually included the player.

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