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Acer MP-400 Spotted at IFA

acer mp400 Acer MP 400 Spotted at IFA

Several months after Acer released its 20GB MP-500 PMP, folks at the IFA Convention earlier this month caught a glimpse of an even newer player, the MP-400. Despite the lower model number and specs that are basically identical to its predecessor (3.5-inch screen, MP3 & WMA and DiVX & MPEG-2/4 support, SD expansion slot, AV in/out), the MP-400 definitely has the upper hand in design. We don’t know when or where the player will be released, but its sleek and simple design will likely be so magnetic that even gloved fingers will leave prints on it.

At the moment, the device is shrouded in mystery: dimensions, weight, battery life, and internal storage capacity are currently unknown. Cost is another question mark, though it’s worth noting that the MP-500 usually has a price tag over $400. Since the specs (that we know of anyway) are the same on both players, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the MSRPs were too. Considering that the Creative Zen Vision: W, a PMP with mostly superior specs, is now selling for $299, we hope this isn’t the case.


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