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tascam mp vt1 TASCAM MP3 Music Trainers

Two more MP3 music trainers for bass and vocals will be joining TASCAM’s previously released guitar trainer. As well as providing the standard functions of an MP3 player with a 128 x 64 pixel monochrome LCD and 1GB of storage, the MP-BT1 and MP-VT1 are equipped with a direct input for a bass guitar or microphone, to integrate your own performance with the music.

Plenty of effects can be used to modify the music, such as altering playback speed without changing pitch, skipping and looping sections, eliminating or enhancing the bass or vocals, and of course tuner and metronome functions. What better way to learn and practice music yourself? Currently the T1-series from TASCAM (a division of TEAC) are only intended for Japan, but with a bit of luck, they may be released internationally.

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