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U-Clique Designs for Creative DAPs

creative u clique U Clique Designs for Creative DAPs

Creative’s new U-Clique personalization service is giving customers in Japan and Singapore a chance to dress up select flash players purchased now at the company’s online shops. For a nominal fee, Creative will print orange and purple butterfly designs on the 1GB Zen V and Zen Nano Plus in both countries, while multicolored diamonds (Zen V and Nano Plus) and art nouveau patterns (MuVo V200) are available only in Singapore and Japan, respectively.

Japan also offers two-line printing on the backs of the Vision:M (up to 16 letters), MicroPhoto (up to 12 letters), V and V Plus (up to 10 letters), and Nano Plus (one line up to 5 letters). Pricing for all text, regardless of length, is $9.

The designs are permanent, by the way, so make sure you really love butterflies before adding the Zen V to your cart.

[Product Page (Singapore) | Press Release (Japan)]

[via AV Watch]