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NetStreams DoorLinX DX100 MP3 Doorbell

netstream doorlinx NetStreams DoorLinX DX100 MP3 Doorbell

First it was the DAP. Then it was the cell phone. Now MP3s are venturing into the home market with the new DoorLinX DX100 doorbell by IP-based entertainment company NetStreams. The newfangled device features an intergrated microphone for voice recordings, 4-watt speaker, and brushed-finish doorbell unit (faceplate and button) and can be loaded up with any MP3 file up to 500KB in size.

The selected MP3 will play when visitors check to see if you’re home, and if you’ve enabled the Do-Not-Disturb mode to mute the doorbell in certain (or all) areas of your house, the Avon Lady will be none the wiser.

“Ring My Bell” will likely see a spike in its sales when the DoorLinX DX100 appears on NetStreams’ website. It was supposed to have been available since mid-October, but there’s still no sign of it anywhere.

[HiddenWires via Gizmodo]