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Noreve Zune HD Case Review

noreve zune hd main Noreve Zune HD Case Review

Looking for a high end case for your Zune HD? Noreve has you covered as always. If you read this site with frequency you see that I review a lot of Noreve cases and I always have good things to say about them. The materials, fit, and function are always top notch for all of their cases I have seen first hand. The case for the Zune HD is no different. Having said that it certainly comes with a price tag to match the quality. Read on below for some more thoughts and photos on this Zune HD case.

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Samsung P3 Noreve Case Review

p3 noreve main Samsung P3 Noreve Case Review

We have lately been taking a look at many of the new Noreve cases for some of the recent MP3 players. For those unfamiliar, Noreve makes high end leather cases for many electronic gadgets. The selection is quite extensive covering nearly all of the MP3 players featured on this site. Additionally, the product line extends to gaming devices, cameras, and even some netbooks.

The cases get pricey and fall in at the high end of the scale, but from the several Noreve cases I personally own, I feel that the price is warranted. The absence of brand price inflation is subsisted for good materials and quality craftsmanship.

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Cowon O2 Noreve Case Review

cowon o2 noreve main Cowon O2 Noreve Case Review

Sure we have plenty of complaints about Cowon O2 mainly dealing with the user interface, but in the end is still a respectable PMP with the signature warm sound typical to Cowon.

The O2 is too big to fit in your pocket which makes it a good candidate for a protective case since its likely to tossed into a bag or carried by itself. If you have read any of our case reviews you know that we are fans of the Noreve cases. This one is no different. Check out the pics below with some thoughts on the fit.

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Cowon S9 Noreve Case Review

cowon s9 noreve Cowon S9 Noreve Case Review

One of the common complaints I hear about the Cowon S9 is that it feel too light and hollow. I recently found a fix for this by adding a really nice leather case, making it feel more substantial. While I don’t think that will be the main reason for someone to purchase a case for the S9, I do think the better reason is to protect your investment and keep the S9 blemish free.

Read on for pics and opinions on this case.

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Noreve Sony NWZ-A820 Tradition Leather Case Review

noeve sony pic Noreve Sony NWZ A820 Tradition Leather Case Review

While the next roundup article is cooking, I thought I’d fill the gap with an accessory review. We also haven’t really covered Noreve before so it’s time to pay them a visit.

For those of you that don’t know them, Noreve is a company that makes leather cases for gadgets.
They’re often the first ones on the market with cases for new devices and despite the somewhat premium price the quality and number of devices covered makes them loved by a lot of people. Read on for a review on the Noreve Sony NWZ-A820 Tradition leather case to see if it’s worth the money.

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