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iriver Announces NV Life PMP/GPS

nv life iriver Announces NV Life PMP/GPS

iriver has been known to experiment on new markets with devices such as the D20/D25 dictionaries. Today they announced a new navigation device which of course doubles as a PMP.

The NV Life has a 800×480 screen, DMB TV tuner, FM transmitter, password protection and player identification – so stolen players can be identified. Unfortunately, iriver’s standard lack of understanding for people that want more than half a movie on their player shines through on the NV Life too, as the device only comes in 2 or 4GB. A SD slot is present, but the seeming lack of SDHC support means that the player will have a maximum storage capability of 8GB. No word yet on pricing or availability, but it’s most likely going to be another Asia-only device.

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