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Sony NW-A800 Series Launched

sony NWA805 Sony NW A800 Series Launched

Surprisingly exactly on schedule, Sony’s NW-A800 series of video-enabled Network Walkman players have hit the virtual shelves in Europe. The 2GB NW-A805, 4GB NW-A806, and 8GB NW-A808 can be preordered now in the UK for an outrageous $235, $294, and $392 (respectively) in black, white, pink, and violet. Certain models can also be ordered with accessories like a speaker cradle ($647 with A808), leather case and neckstrap ($420 with A808), and Bluetooth dongle and headphones ($490 with A806).

The players measure 3.46″ x 1.72″ x 0.36″, have 2″ QVGA displays, and support the usual onslaught of audio codecs. Battery life is exceptional at up to 30 hours for ATRAC playback and 8 hours for MPEG4 videos, but is it $400-for-8GB exceptional?

No word on when the NW-A800 series will be available in the U.S. (or how much it’ll cost when it gets here), but UK orders are expected to begin shipping in April.

[Product Page (UK) via Engadget]

Sony NW-A800 Video Walkman Series

sony nwa800 Sony NW A800 Video Walkman Series

Those Sony Video Walkman rumors are really picking up speed. We found out nearly a week ago that when it’s announced next month, it will essentially be Sony’s answer to the iPod nano (except with stellar battery life for video playback). And now comes news and a picture of the upcoming player, which has apparently been dubbed the NW-A800.

Sony Germany has a teaser image of the new Walkman and a live countdown on its website that basically confirms the gist of all the rumors. Exactly what will happen when the timer expires on March 1st is unknown; we’re hoping for an actual release, but maybe it’ll just be an official announcement and some information about availability.

And is it just us, or does the player look a lot like the Walkman phone? Different buttons, of course, but still pretty similar.