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Sparkling Sony E-Series

sony nw e010 series Sparkling Sony E Series

A limited amount of Sony NW-E010-series USB stick flash players with included glittery fashion accessories are now on sale in Japan. For each color variation there is a corresponding jewel-encrusted cap for the USB terminal and strap attached to a clip (also decorated with crystals) allowing the shiny DAP to be suspended from clothes or a bag to prevent dropping as well as displaying the device while not in use.

There is nothing new included in the player itself. It is still carries the same 3-line OLED, ATRAC/MP3/WMA/AAC format support, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities and 28-hour battery life. So far the fashion enhancement for the Sony E-series is limited to Japan only, but you can place an order on Sony Japan’s online store.

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