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Sparkling Sony E-Series

sony nw e010 series Sparkling Sony E Series

A limited amount of Sony NW-E010-series USB stick flash players with included glittery fashion accessories are now on sale in Japan. For each color variation there is a corresponding jewel-encrusted cap for the USB terminal and strap attached to a clip (also decorated with crystals) allowing the shiny DAP to be suspended from clothes or a bag to prevent dropping as well as displaying the device while not in use.

There is nothing new included in the player itself. It is still carries the same 3-line OLED, ATRAC/MP3/WMA/AAC format support, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities and 28-hour battery life. So far the fashion enhancement for the Sony E-series is limited to Japan only, but you can place an order on Sony Japan’s online store.

[Press Release via Impress]

Sony NW-E013 / E015 Simple 1GB and 2GB Flash Players

sony nw e015 Sony NW E013 / E015 Simple 1GB and 2GB Flash Players

Sony is bringing another stick-like player to their lineup in 1GB and 2GB sizes. With a built-in USB plug, the player follows the typical minimalistic approach of the stick form factor with a 3-line OLED screen that disappears when off. The player supports Sony’s ATRAC format as well as MP3s natively. Unfortunately, you are probably still stuck with using SonicStage to get music onto the player.

The player is appearing on all of Sony’s European websites, but has yet to appear on their US site. It will probably make it to the states; just give it a an extra month or so.

[Product Page | GenerationMP3]