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Sony Announces NW-E020F Series of Stick-players

NW E020F Sony Announces NW E020F Series of Stick players

Following the announcement of the NW-A820 WalkMan player, Sony also announced a stick-shaped player called the NW-E020F. The feature set is pretty amazing for a player this size, and includes 30 hours of audio playback, a three line color display that looks to be able to display album art, a FM tuner and an integrated USB connector. The battery will take 1 hour to fully charge, while a 3 min charge will give you 3 full hours of audio playback. The player also seems to be bundled with Sony’s own MDR-EX90SL IEMs, which is quite the upgrade compared to what’s normally bundled with such players. On top of this, the player has interchangeable front plates, which means the user can customize the looks of the player itself. The player will be available in Asia on March 8, with capacities of 1, 2 and 4GB. No word yet if this will be available outside Asia, but if it will be then the current champion of the tiny players might get a run for its money. Continue reading for a few more pics.

[ Sony Japan press release ]

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