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Sony Japan Announces E-040 Series

sony nwe040 Sony Japan Announces E 040 Series

Sony updates their stick player series every so often, and this time it’s the Asian market that’s getting a refresh. In Asia, Sony uses the NW model numbering for the players, while in Europe and the US we have the NWZ series. While it doesn’t seem like there is any difference, players don’t often mix between the two markets and this is most likely another player we’ll never see outside Asia.

For some reason the Asian Sony stick players have a much more impressive feature set than we’ve ever seen over here. Amon the more unusual features for a player that size is a 30 hour battery which can be charged in only 1 hour, a color LCD screen and capacities up to 8GB. The player will also feature interchangeable face plates like the last Asia-only E-020 series did. If only Sony would release these players over here instead of the less impressive B130 series we have, then there might finally be a real competitor to the Sansa clip.

[Sony Japan (translated) via GenerationMP3]