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Sony NWZ-A820 Gets European Price and Release Date

nwza820 Sony NWZ A820 Gets European Price and Release Date

A few days ago, Sony announced it’s NW-A820 WalkMan player for release in Asia in March. It’s European/US brother, the NWZ-A820, is now available for preorder on Sony Style for a few countries like Germany and Sweden. As expected, it doesn’t seem to be listed with noise cancelling features like its Asian brother has, but on the positive side it’s bundled with decent quality IEMs – most likely the same MDR-EX082 as the NWZ-A810 comes with.

The bad news is that at the time of this writing, the 16GB seem to only be available bundled with a pair of bluetooth headphones, while the 8GB and 4GB versions are available both with and without the bluetooth headphones. The player ships in April and can be pre-ordered now for 169€ (4GB), 219€ (4GB bundle), 219€ (8GB), 269€ (8GB bundle) or 319€ (16GB bundle) – all prices taken from Sony Style Germany.

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