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Sony's S710, A720 and A820 WalkMan Players hitting the US in March

sony us Sony's S710, A720 and A820 WalkMan Players hitting the US in March

Sony recently started offering pre-orders for the NWZ-A820 in Europe. This player is now confirmed to hit the US in March along with two new models, the S710 and A720 Walkman players.

The NWZ-A720 is essentially the same player as the NWZ-A820, but lacks bluetooth support. It’s also available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, while the A820 only comes in 8Gb and 16GB. The A720 is priced at $150 (4GB), $200 (8GB) and $300 (16GB) and comes in black or pink, while the A820 will cost you $270 (8GB) and $320 (16GB) and only comes in black.

The NWZ-S710 is good news for those who commented on the lack of noise cancelling in the NWZ-A820. While this feature was removed from the US and European versions of the A820, it is in place in the smaller S710 series, and Sony claims it will help reduce outside noise by up to 75%. It will however not have the same design as the A720 and A820, and will only have a 1.8″ screen compared to the 2.4″ screen on the A720 and A820. It will be available in a $150 4GB version with 3 different colors, and a $200 8GB version which comes only in black. No 16GB version is announced.

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Sony Unveils NW-A820 with Bluetooth and Video Recording

a820thumb Sony Unveils NW A820 with Bluetooth and Video Recording

Sony just announced its new Walkman model, the NW-A820 (NWZ-820 in Europe/US). The player features a 2,4″ 320×240 QVGA screen, noise canceling features, Bluetooth functionality, and sizes up to 16GB. The Asian version of the player will still have ATRAC playback and most likely be SonicStage dependent, while the European and US model will continue Sony’s recent trend of MTP based players without ATRAC support, which of course is a good thing.

Sony also announced two accessories for the new player; the SRS-NWT10M external speaker, and the VRC-NW10 cradle. The cradle supports both video out and video in, which means you can record TV directly to the NW-A820 in MPEG-4 format. Whether or not this will work on the NWZ-A820 is not known, but fingers crossed that it will. The player will be available in Asia on March 20, release date for the rest of the world is unknown.
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