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Cowon O2 Gets Release Date and Pricing

cowon o2 dnp Cowon O2 Gets Release Date and Pricing, the main Cowon retailer in Norway, just got listings of the new O2 players. The O2 will come in 8, 16 and 32GB as we already know, and will be released to resellers the last week of October and shipping to customers first week of November.

While Norwegian pricing cannot be compared to US or even EU pricing, the price of the players suggest that the 8GB model will cost about the same as a 30GB A3, the 16GB will be about the same as a 60GB A3 and the 32GB model will be close to the 80GB A3. If this is true for other countries as well we can expect a US pricing of about $330, $370 and $410 respectively. Far from the cheapest player around, but it should still be an interesting one nevertheless.

The most anticipated player, the S9, hasn’t got any specific release date or pricing yet but is expected to be released around the time of the O2 or not far behind. While it’s a less video centric player than the O2 it might be priced even higher considering the specs, but hopefully Cowon won’t commit market suicide by putting a too premium price on the device.

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Cowon Announces O2, S9 and L3

cowons9t Cowon Announces O2, S9 and L3

Cowon is back and I must say this is perhaps the most exciting new line of players this year, after disappointing new lines from both Creative and iriver. Cowon has just put up info on their site about three new players, the S9, O2 and L3 – all of which looks to be spectacular.

The three players will each be different sizes; 3.3″, 4.3″ and 7″ respectively. All of them have touch screens and very few tactile buttons. Read on for the full details on the three players.

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