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Samsung goes Emo, Launches Emodio Site & Software (Plus Bluewave 4)

samsung emo Samsung goes Emo, Launches Emodio Site & Software (Plus Bluewave 4)

On May 30 th Samsung will launch a new portal and software called Emodio. This software seems to be just another media player but centered around Samsungs products offering features specific to their MP3 players. Users will be able to share UCI’s (User Creative Interfaces) with what I’m assuming to be a new UIC generation tool. There is also additional support for Datacasts or basically RSS feeds and the interesting edition of “Text To Speech” features that will allow you to convert txt files to MP3.

The site is rather confusing on its true goals and features since it was obviously written by someone whose first language is not English. Buy the whole aim of the site seems to be targeted at “The Digital Privilege for the Emotional Generation” (I kid you not that’s what the site says), yes as in Emo. This is a definite cultural ignorance on Samsung’s part seeing how bright fun and happy the site has been made, then trying to associate it with the Emo subculture. Regardless, the software looks like it could bring some cool functions to the P2.

It is available but extremely slow on Samsung’s site, so we uploaded it as a Torrent you can download here.

Update: Bluewave 4 Beta is also out.

Samsung S5 Gets FLAC, Next in P2 Bluewave 4?

s5 flac Samsung S5 Gets FLAC, Next in P2 Bluewave 4?

Samsung now has version 1.5 available to download on their Korean site as GenMP3 reports. What is special about this update is the addition of FLAC, which is a rather rarely supported lossless codec these days. In assuming the codebase is the same through the recent Samsung product line, it’s a safe bet that we will see this in the next Bluewave updates on the P2 and possibly even the T10.

On a side note, few days ago SanDisk added OGG to the Clip and I would soon expect to see FLAC added in the near future. So could this be a response from the manufactures due to a demand push from consumers? It’s nice to see more of them jumping on board the open source codecs.

Samsung Releases P2 BlueWave 3

p2 bw3 Samsung Releases P2 BlueWave 3

The third BlueWave update has been out for a while, but only as a beta. A few days ago the final version was finally released to the masses and like it’s predecessors it adds a lot of new features.

The new features include new themes, a calculator, a full screen mode for music playback and brightness and speed controls for video playback. As we wrap up the third BlueWave release the countdown for the fourth has already been going on for a while. It’s said to bring new games, subway maps and voice recording and will hopefully see daylight in about a month.

[Samsung Download Center via ABi>> Forums]

Samsung P2 Going 16GB

p2 16gb Samsung P2 Going 16GB

The Samsung YP-P2 is one of the most popular players these days, with a wide range of features including touch screen, an excellent widescreen, and Bluetooth. The only thing that has been holding it down is the capacity, as so far it’s only been available in 2, 4 and 8GB. Until now.

True to their word, the 16GB Samsung P2 is now on it’s way. That should be welcomed news for those who couldn’t make due with 8GB. The 16GB version will launch in Korea in a few weeks and hopefully the rest of the world will follow shortly. No word yet if there will be a 32GB, but knowing Samsung that is still way into the future.

Update: A member of Dapreview found the 16GB P2 on BestBuy Canada

[ GenerationMP3 ]

Reminder: The Samsung P2 Still Pwns

samsung p2 pwns Reminder: The Samsung P2 Still Pwns

When I went to CES I carried a bag filled with the latest MP3 players. At various dinners and events I would pull out this magical bag of MP3 players for show and tell. It is one thing to read users’ reactions to MP3 player, but to be able to put one in their hands is when you really get quality feedback. Out of all the players the one that never ceased to impress was the P2, especially when I showed them how I could dial their phone without my Treo in sight.

I like all of them, am still impressed (review) and even more so with the second firmware updated dubbed “BlueWave 2” which adds improved functionality, features, and games. It’s not over yet, there is still a BlueWave 3 on Samsung’s roadmap. Even though the firmware is “unfinished” it is still extremely stable, much like how Microsoft handles the Zune firmware updates- adding stable updates on top of stable firmwares.

We have a growing P2 community, so if you would like to get real consumer feedback, hacks, and latest info on the BlueWave updates; check out our very helpful Samsung P2 forum. Also compare the P2 to the Touch, it can definitely hold its own.

Samsung P2 16GB and Other CES News

samsung ces main Samsung P2 16GB and Other CES News

Samsung had nothing new to show in terms of MP3 players, but I did find out from a Samsung rep that they will be releasing a 16GB version of the P2 sometime in Q1 of 08.

I did get a chance to check out the S5 which will replace the K5. It sounded just as good but slims down and gets a color screen and Bluetooth. This will actually make an interesting accessory for Bluetooth mobile phones being that it will give you a nice and loud speaker phone conferencing set up. The S5 is available now in the US in 4GB versions and can be picked up for around $180.

The other interesting portable audio accessory was the portable Bluetooth speakers, the BS300. It sounded a bit better than the speakers in the S5 and K5 from what I could tell over all the noise. It will tie into your Bluetooth MP3 player or operate as a speakerphone with its built in mic for your cellphone. It retails for $130.

I snapped a few pics at the booth- a bit blurry but still fun to look at.

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Samsung P2 Gets Wi-Fi and MicroSD Slot With Cradle

samsung p2 cradle Samsung P2 Gets Wi Fi and MicroSD Slot With Cradle

Confirmed Fake- sorry for the bad info =\

As if the all the current features were not enough for the P2, it will now get more with an addon cradle. The cradle will attach to the bottom of the player and add 4 brand new editions: Wi-Fi, MicroSD, FM transmitter, and even a built in speaker. This is really interesting in that it brings the P2 in closer competition with the iPod Touch. Maybe even as to trump the iPod Touch on features. This is a very welcome features really making the P2 a jack of all trades MP3 player. No pricing or availability is know right now, but we will find out more at this years CES.

Check out the video below and if you didn’t get a chance, check out the Samsung P2 review.

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Next Generation of iriver Players

iriver w10 1 Next Generation of iriver Players

The most recent development on the long awaited W10 (which drew a reasonable amount of interest at iriver’s display at CES in January) is a scheduled release for this November. Although iriver’s products haven’t always been the quickest to make the journey to every country, there shouldn’t be a prolonged wait before the W10 appears in the US as its Wi-Fi based navigation system includes maps and information for ten major US cities.

A handful of images accompanied by some very limited information on forthcoming players from iriver have also spread to iriverFans. These include an unnamed 0.27-inch thick PMP with a 4.1-inch AMOLED, an extremely thin audio player, the previously flaunted 4.3-inch P10, and a range of new colors for the Mplayer.

Furthermore, a claim is made that iriver will announce four additional devices before the year’s end, which will be a hard drive based Clix3 with a 3-inch LCD, two GPS navigation devices (4.3-inch M20 and 7-inch M30), and a necklace player called the N20.


Pictures follow the jump.

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