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Toshiba Updates Gigabeat P Series with the P10K and P20K

gigabeat P10K Toshiba Updates Gigabeat P Series with the P10K and P20K

Toshiba introduced the flash-based Gigabeat P Series last year to a market that was nowhere near as saturated as it is today. We don’t think the 512MB P5 and 1GB P10 were flying off the shelves in Japan back then, so we’re not sure why Toshiba would give the upcoming P10K and P20K players the green light. But they did.

We’d give you a rundown of the specs, but they haven’t changed since the last time. MP3, WAV, and WMA? Check. 96 x 96 OLED display for viewing JPG photos? Check. FM tuner, voice recording, and 14-hour battery life? Check, check, and check.

Why the update, then? Interchangeable faceplates, of course! The white player can transform into a yellow gingham player, and the pink gingham player can turn into a white player with pink trim. Amazing but true. Toshiba’s other incredible feat is the upgrade in storage capacity. Last year’s maximum has become this year’s minimum: the P10K and P20K are absolutely stuffed with 1GB and 2GB of flash memory, respectively. Even more unbelievable is the price ($120 and $150). So book your flight to Japan now, as the players will be available there in December.

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